We are TorontoFilmRental.com, Toronto’s Newest Film, Photography, Camera & Event Rental Company. Beginning as a humble group of film enthusiasts and film makers, we have come to fall in love with the artistry and magic of movie-making, and the beauty behind the art of storytelling through film. And since 2007 we’ve gone far and beyond a decade’s worth of studio and film-work, and now, we are pooling our studio resources, experience and our very own tools of the trade to help other film makers, photographers and potential storytellers alike in helping to bring their very own creative voices and cinematic dreams come to life.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of service to our fellow film makers, and with that in mind, we aim to provide the very best service at an affordable price for you; to help our fellow industry peers in achieving their artistic aims and fulfilling their creative vision. To help up-and-coming film makers, we offer students and indie project directors and producers technical and creative support as well as discounted rental pricing. Just ask and we’ll provide!

For our line of photography gear, film gear, and event soltuions that we are providing for rentals, we have an assortment of film and photography cameras, film and photography lighting, grip and gaffer equipment, sound equipment, logistical and support equipment, and any other type of film, photography, event and studio equipment that you might need to help see your production project dreams come to reality.

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